Mythic+ Dungeons Trinkets Farm

Coagulated Genesaur Blood
  • Coagulated Genesaur Blood
  • Witherbark's Branch
  • Leaf of the Ancient Protectors
  • Spores of Alacrity
  • Xeri'tac's Unhatched Egg Sac
  • Spiked Counterweight
  • Caged Horror
  • Corrupted Starlight
  • Oakheart's Gnarled Root
  • Nightmare Egg Shell
  • My'das Talisman
  • Rezan's Gleaming Eye
  • Vessel of Skittering Shadows
  • Gore-Crusted Butcher's Block
  • Balefire Branch
  • Accelerating Sandglass
  • Time-Thief's Gambit
  • Mirror of Fractured Tomorrows
  • Porcelain Crab
  • Might of the Ocean
  • Sea Star
  • Mythic +15 (€85)
  • Mythic +16 (€108)
  • Mythic +17 (€123)
  • Mythic +18 (€142)
  • Mythic +19 (€180)
  • Mythic +20 (€260)
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Are you tired of endlessly running the same M+ Dungeon, hoping for that elusive best-in-slot trinket for your spec? Look no further! Our tailored service is crafted to ensure you secure the precise gear piece that seamlessly complements your character. Say goodbye to relying on luck – entrust the job to our skilled professionals! Elevate your gaming experience with gear that truly aligns with your character's needs.

What you will get

  • The selected trinket without a boring farm, hours of wipes with players from LFG;
  • Up to 483 guaranteed ilvl gear from the Great Vault;
  • Drake's Dreaming Crest from +10 Keys;
  • Wyrm's Dreaming Crest from +11/+15 Keys;
  • Aspect's Dreaming Crest from +16 and above Keys;
  • Gear, which is upgradable to up to 483 ilvl from +17 and above Keys.
  • Chance to get up to 470 ilvl items from the chest at the end of the dungeon (depends on chosen key).

Delivery info

  • Estimated Starting Time - 15 minutes.
  • Estimated Completion Time - Flexible.

Completion Speed

Standard - Our available boosters will handle orders on a first-come, first-served basis;
Express - A dedicated team will expedite your order, completing it 30% faster;
Super Express - Your order takes top priority, resulting in a 50% faster completion time.

Boost method

  • Self-Play - You're in control! Simply join the raid group on your own.
  • Piloted - Our skilled booster will take over and play your character on your account.


  • Level 70 character.

How it works

  • We will reach out to you via live chat or email. Feel free to ask any questions.
  • The booster will either take control of your character, or you can choose to participate in self-play by joining our raid group.
  • At the scheduled time, you will receive an in-game invitation and be summoned to the raid for the self-play mode.
  • Ensure that you engage with each boss at least once to be eligible for loot.
  • You can either engage in the boss fight and follow all necessary mechanics or stay alive during the encounter. Our boosters will assist you in quickly mastering the mechanics.
  • We will notify you once the Trinket farm boost is completed.
  • Enjoy the results, and don't forget to leave us a review on Trustpilot!
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