Druid Fel Werebear Form Boost

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Transform your character with the awe-inspiring Legion appearance – the Druid Fel Werebear Form! Acquiring this remarkable form is a breeze when you purchase it from Overgear. You need not worry about mastering the tank spec, as our skilled players handle the entire process for you.

Whether you missed out on obtaining all the druid forms during the Legion expansion or are a returning player, the options for altering your bear or cat appearance are limited. Fortunately, the return of the Mage Tower brings a delightful novelty – the new form for druid guardians.

Opt for the Druid Fel Werebear Form boost to bypass the lengthy preparation process and countless wipes in Mage Tower encounters. Let our players conquer this challenging task on your behalf, leaving you to revel in your striking new appearance.

What you will get

  • New Fel Werebear form for Guardian Druids;
  • T20 recolored transmog set for your character.

Delivery info

  • Estimated Starting Time - 15 minutes.
  • Estimated Completion Time - 1 hour.

Completion Speed

Standard - Our available boosters will handle orders on a first-come, first-served basis;
Express - A dedicated team will expedite your order, completing it 30% faster;
Super Express - Your order takes top priority, resulting in a 50% faster completion time.

Boost method

  • Piloted - Need assistance? Our skilled booster will take over and play your character on your account.


  • Level 70 character;
  • Item Level 120+ gear.

How it works

  • Select your preferred options and place your order to tailor your service.
  • Expect a prompt response from our live chat or via email for a seamless experience.
  • Every detail will be meticulously discussed in advance, ensuring a schedule that suits you.
  • We'll match you with a skilled booster whose availability aligns perfectly with your timetable.
  • Our dedicated online support will guide you through establishing a secure connection with your booster.
  • At the scheduled time, our expert player will take control and commence the service with precision.
  • Stay informed with notifications about the completion of your order.
  • Witness the outstanding results and, for added support, share your experience by rating our services on Trustpilot.
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