Vicious Saddle Boost

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Purchase the Vicious Saddle from Onlyfarms and ride into battle on the formidable Vicious War Snail, an exclusive seasonal PvP mount! As a bonus, achieve a 1000+ Arena rating and earn Honor and Conquest points.

In WoW, the Vicious Saddle is more than a mere collection item – it's a symbol of your PvP prowess and determination. For PvP enthusiasts facing difficulty assembling a reliable team, the Vicious Saddle boost offers a solution through our skilled PvP players.

Don't overlook the opportunity to continue farming Vicious Saddles even after securing the current seasonal reward. Expand your collection with PvP mounts from previous seasons, adding diversity beyond the impressive Vicious War Snail.

What you will get

Extra options

  • Stream - monitor the progress of the boost by ordering a live stream.

Delivery info

  • Estimated Starting Time - 15 minutes.
  • Estimated Completion Time - 5 hours.

Boost method

  • Self-play - you're in the driver's seat! Just join the group all by yourself;
  • Piloted - Need assistance? Our skilled booster will take over and play your character on your account.


  • Level 70 character.

How it works

  • We prioritize orders based on execution speed and placement time.
  • Contact us through live chat or email with any questions you may have.
  • Receive an invitation to the game at the scheduled time.
  • Our seasoned players will provide insights on your class abilities, general tactics, and useful tricks to navigate various opponent team setups.
  • Engage in Arena matches with our boosters and absorb their valuable advice.
  • Post-match, review recorded fights in Discord voice chat with boosters to identify and learn from any mistakes.
  • Enjoy the improved results! Don't forget to share your experience by rating us on Trustpilot.
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